The machine is a very simple but also unique mechanical design of integrating electroluminescence detector into solar simulator, In the end-of-line testing it gets the proof of quality for the manufacturer and customer, Within one test, both IV curve and EL image could be acquired. Measurement results can be written to a database, Suitable for testing crystalline module, especially the modules using high luminousness EVA


  1. Integrate EL detection function into solar simulator, one machine has two function
  2. One feed-in and feed-out, one wiring, one test. Save one operator, save space, save one wiring, shorten testing time
  3. Solar simulator is A+A+A+ class, performance goes far beyond the IEC 60904 class AAAA requirements. Spectral mismatch below 12.5%,temporal stability and Non-uniformity of irradiance below <1%.
  4. EL detection part uses one 16.2Mega pixel and Germany lens, wih more than 11 image processing software

Economic impact

This machine expresses Gsola’s philosophy in promoting the research of new solutions and technologies to reduce the solar module production costs. One machine has two functions, save operator, save space, save the production costs. Besides, solar simulator part spectrum ranges from 300nm to 1100nm, it could improve the testing accuracy, maximize module power, which helps to create more profit for the solar module manufacturers.