It is widely used by more than 600 solar module manufactures, lab, and universities in the world.

Technical parameters

Model XJCM-9A
Max. illuminated area 2000x1100mm
Type of lamp Xenon
Lamp lifetime 100,000
Range of light irradiance 200-1200W/㎡
Spectral match 0.75-1.25 (A)
Temporal instability of irradiance <2% (A)
Non-uniformity of irradiance <2% (A)
Accuracy <0.5%
Measurement range Voltage: 1/10/50/100V/200V(optional)
Current: 0.25/1/2.5/10A/20A(optional)
Current / voltage resolution 0.1%
Light pulse duration 10ms/2X10ms
Power supply 220V±10%,10A,50HZ
Dimensions(LxWxH) 2500×1500×900mm

Machine Video