It is used for measuring crystalline module with the size up to 2000mm x 1100mm in face down position, able as manual standalone system as also as inline system. In the end-of-line testing it gets the proof of quality for the manufacturer and customer, Suitable for testing crystalline module, especially the modules using high luminousness EVA


  • 1. A+A+A+ class, performance is twice better than the IEC 60904 class AAAA requirements. Spectral mismatch below 12.5% , temporal stability and Non-uniformity of irradiance below <1%.
  • 2. Full spectrum ranging from 300nm-1100nm, also could be expanded to 1700nm.
  • 3. Being configured with several intensity steps to measure the IV curves of several irradiances within one flash, the IV curves under 200 W/m2, 400 W/m2, 600 W/m2,800 W/m2, 1000 W/m2 and 1200 W/m2.
  • 4. Using high accuracy IR temperature sensor, ensuring the accuracy of temperature testing.